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good thing; he just made it. of japan. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." as worries grow over unrest in the middle east, crude oil futures have hit again $100 a barrel in new york. buy orders increased on tuesday as market players became more concerned about future oil supplies on news that iran security forces clamped down on anti-government protesters. iran is the second largest oil producer among opec oil member countries. this e benchmark wti crude futures topped $100 a barrel in after-hours trading for the first time since last wednesday. the index is now at that price. on the new york stock exchange, share prices plunged on tuesday amid growing worries that higher oil prices may slow down the world economic recovery. the dow jones industrial average closed at 12058, down 168 points from the previous day. u.s. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke has indicated america's economy is growing at a faster pace than last year but he cautions over soaring oil prices over continuing soaring prices in the arab world. >> sustained rises in the price 0 of oil and other commodities
could unwind the agreement in japan. it could give japan about $8 billion to spend. yahoo! japan up 3.5% in japan. the broader market big falls today. oil and airline companies right around the region, pretty much leading the indices lower. in the main benchmark there down as well as growth numbers, gdp numbers coming out of australia. the economy did grow about .7%. that is a little short of expectations. the s&p down about .5%. shanghai down by not so much. it has been a longer term selloff going on in shanghai. >>> speaking of oil prices, the price of crude peaking again late on tuesday to two-year highs on increased on risk in north africa in the middle east. nymex crude is up .16 cents in electronic trade here in asia. it's under $100 a barrel. it had been up over $100 in new york trading overnight. brent crude seen as a closer indicator of the risk premium now being built to crude oil. that's come off just a fraction. now the price is still $115.36 a barrel. it was up at $116 a little earlier. those levels the highest since august of 2008. and there's growing concern that if oil
security council. and to add additional at-on sanctions from our partners, including the e.u., japan, and others. when you are trying to sanction iran, no matter how powerful you are and how much we can do, it is imperative that we get the international community to support it. otherwise, there is too much leakage. we have limited that, and i feel strongly that we are making an impact. >> thank you, and i request written responses that you offered to the questions that you are not able to answer because i have so many, including the deposition of the libyan officials, which is so timely. my good friend, the ranking member. >> i want to commend my colleagues on the committee the speech that secretary clinton gave in addition to her estimate -- excellent testimony, but yesterday, going to the human rights council, where she discussed libya, iran, and other issues come up quite a remarkable presentation, particularly in pointing out ypocrisy of ouriran's condemnations of libya. i would like asked -- try to get into issues in this short time. one, the israeli-palestinian process. the que
policy is criticized on qe-2 and doing so the comparisens made to japan. and i would like to note your thoughts about the correlation between what occurred in the japanese economy and its central bank's response and your and our economy and then you indicated earlier that long term our deficit aren' sustainable and you had some conversation with my colleagues here on the committee about not extending the debt ceiling, for example. what are the precipitating factors that you are concerned about? i know every central banker has got to portray confidence and what are the things that are out there that may make this, when you say long term not sustainable, long term becomes significantly shorter term? what are the things in the world economy that may -- that we ought to keep our eye on that may ange the time frame in which we have to operate? >> first, t me say on your bank issue that we do have an ombudsman. i would encourage any bank with concerns about federal federal reserve examiners to get in touch with us. we will try to followhrough on that. >> thank you. >> on japan, the japanese
verses australia, japan, russia, germany, china, pick your own country. various capacity in the system to deal with some of the impacts of climate change. so i think there's capacity there and something you out to look at. then finally, back to add ing a couple of issues to chart on here. one if you have not done it you should look at your financial systems and rate stability that now particularly to deal with rate increases in the future. you should be paying a lot of attention to where you are now with rates. you need to keep flexible. the biggest problem i have now is people trying to solve my problems for me to invest in today to solve something 30 or 40 years from now and to make huge capitol investments today might not be the right approach and you need to all look at that in our own utilities. we need to react and not over-react and do things that don't make sense and cause our rate payer as lot of sense and are not going to contribute to solveg the problem. we're going to get a lot more information year by years we go forward. finally i would really reiterate what you really ne
five percent of the world produced most of the greenhouse e mibss but there's an economic move in japan and china and their moving forward but we can look back and say, tom i heard this morning say if it goes up a foot we have to and we're going to have to start educating the customers and people we serve. it's another problem that's here to stay and we are going to have to make the investment. message number one. number two, the state and a question i heard. what about the delta, what do we do if we don't know where to go. my agency represent as hundred percent of our supply in the delta. that does not mean we have sat back waiting for the delta to be improved. we have spent more than a billion have to diversify but with the aspects that lester talked about we're going to have to invest in the delta in a way that creates adoptibility and what i call a, two for example. or we could have a katrina type event when it hits. if we don't invest in levies and improve meant on the water supply can in fact be the cork in the bottle when the global warming raises the sea level. i listened to a
is criticized on qe-2 and dog so the comparisens made to japan. and i would like to note your thoughts about the correlation between what occurred in the japanese economy and its central bank's response and yours and our economy and then you indicated earlier that long term our deficits aren't sustainable and you had some conversation with my colleagues here on the committee about not extending the debt ceiling, for example. what are the precipitating factors that you are concerned about? i know every central banker has got to portray confidence and what are the things that are out there that may make this, when you say long term not sustainable, long term becomes significantly shorter term? what are the things in the world economy that may -- that we ought to keep our eye on that may change the time frame in which we have to operate? >> first, let me say on your bank issue that we do have an ombudsman. i would encourage any bank with concerns about federal federal reserve examiners to get in touch with us. we will try to follow through on that. >> thank you. >> on japan, the japanese did a
through apple frameworks from russia, japan, korea, as well as italy. after i dismanteled the site, what was announced by the new york stock exchange was that the nasdaq was hacked into. i believe base on the times i was certified, the certificates by the department defense that it was me. no one heeded my call until i started getting calls from the nasdaq. i am now working with the f.b.i., agent jeff graham. i'm working with two people at the secret service. katherine pierce. i am working with -- i am talking to graham bowles at "the new york times." unfortunately, in this process, when the police come to my place and ask the things i'm doing with regards to unhooking cables and such, they took me for a 5150. president chiu: thank you. actually, everyone gets the same amount of time. but thank you very much. next speaker? >> may i speak in spanish? president chiu: you can if you want to repeat everything you just said in spanish. if you would like to trabs late into spanish, you can speak into spanish. [speaking in spanish] [speaking in spanish] [speaking in spanish] president chiu: exc
days. japan's nikki lost nearly 2.5% while hong kong's hang seng shed nearly 1.5%. today wall street hears more from ben bernanke on capitol hill. yesterday the fed chief warned rising oil prices could derail the economic recovery and keep unemployment high. this morning the price for crude topped $100 a barrel in asia. those concerns weighed heavily on stocks tuesday. the dow plunged 168 points while the nasdaq lost nearly 45. >>> southwest says things should go better today than they did yesterday. last night a communications glitch at ticket counters and gates caused hundreds of flight delays across the country. no flights were canceled. southwest says the problem has been fixed. >>> meanwhile, bank of america suffered a computer glitch of its own. online customers had trouble accessing their accounts tuesday. after a system upgrade knocked the bank's website offline. it was the second such outage for the company in two months. b of a says no customer information was compromised. >>> february was a good month for automakers, as american started to return to car show rooms. gm sale
to sell its 30% take in yahoo japan. discount retailer costco didn't exactly wow investors with its quarterly results today, coming in as expected. international and gasoline sales helped. cowen and company analyst laura champine thinks higher pump prices could continue to help. >> prices around $4 hurts costco's margins a little bit, but it also drives traffic to costco. they're happier to take a skinnier margin on gasoline just to drive that traffic. and they don't sell gasoline to non-members, so it helps move their membership numbers higher, too. and that membership fee income stream is really where they make most of their money. >> tom: champine says costco will not raise membership fees this year, as expected, something she calls disappointing. that may explain the stock reaction, down 3% to its lowest price in a month. finally, remember this name: alcatel-lucent. shares jumped 11% to their highest price in 2.5 years. volume jumped five-fold. and that's tonight's "market focus." >> tom: the last time oil prices were over $100 a barrel, alternative energy saw lots of interest.
be considering their stake in yahoo japan could be worth $8 billion. >> that's a lot of bread. >> a billion or two. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and >>> well, charlie sheen has confirmed that his two-year-old sons have been taken away from him. last night police removed the boys from sheen's home after a court order was granted it his estranged wife brooke mueller. sheen says he is very calm and focused and ready to fight to get them back. yesterday, mueller obtained a restraining order from sheen. the actor is to stay some 100 yards away from her. >>> 6:51. time now for a look at what's coming up later this morning on the early show. erica hill joins us now live from new york. erica, good morning. >> frank, sydnie, good morning to you. just ahead this morning, we are going to get you the very latest on the situation in the middle east. u.s. forces drawing closer to libya's shores. meantime the violence in the country is escalating pushing it closer to the brink of civil war. we're live on the ground across the country with reports from libya this morning. also ah
could face something like what happened to greece, what is facing japan, and what is facing most of selfized world, that -- civilized world. it will take dramatic changes and bold leadership. we are not seeing that and we need to inject into the debate and see if we can influence the debate saying we have to balance our budget. here is how. we need a plan. not a ten year plan or a 60 year plan but in the terms of someone's office, someone has to step up and take responsibility for this debt. >>neil: you are getting to be a skunk at your own picnic. i thought of your colleague and what he said about the stopgap measure today. this is great mcconnell. >> it is the first time i can recall in the tomb i have been here, actually cutting spending. on an appropriations bill. >>neil: what do you think of that? >>guest: we have to put in perspective our annual deficit has tripled, and now we are going to have a percent cut in the deficit when we tripled deficit over the last few years? that is not enough. if it were enough to just get a little bit better than the democrats, i would be con
movement from japanese rule. and antijapan rally taking place. to criticize japan's form rule of the nation and denounce the military alliance between the two countries. and that is a wrap on fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. all if you got the man versus machine on "jeopardy," ibm watson looked unbeatable, but now the computer has lost. humanity is saved. thank you, new jersey. [ male a] the network. a living, breathing intelligence that is helping business rethink how to do business. ♪ in here, inventory can be taught to learn... so products get routed to where they're needed mo. ♪ in here, machines have a voice... so they can tell headquarters when they need refilling. ... in here, money works smarter... so financial institutions can turn dreams into realities. in here, medical history is brought to life... so doctors can see a patient's medical records -- even if they're away from home. it's more than advanced technology. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethink possible.
a lot of examples to do that. the problem is they are mostly in european countries and one in japan as well, and they involve more government involvement and not less. so i'd love to see someone like mitch daniels, some of the serious policy guys on the right come up with other ideas. it would be interesting to see that competition. i think they're going to have trouble showing in a credible way they can cover more for less money with as good insurance as affordable care act can. >> seems that this is designed to turn every republican governor in the country into a mitt romney who can't run against obama on health reform as they've done their own thing. in terms of the way this is being reported, i feel quite mystified why this is characterized in the beltway press as the president bending or weakening on defending health reform against republicans. has it moved at all towards the republican position that they want to repeal it? >> this waiver plan is cosponsored by ron white in the senate and scott brown. i think it is actually a good idea because i think we should have these types
, you made what had to have been a gut-retching experience. you decided to have a career in japan and leaving behind your children and husband. >> yes. >> your relationship didn't survive. >> at the time we were in agreement that i should go. this was my work and what i wanted to. i went to interview the survivors of the first atomic bomb. when i was there, september 11th happened. that with the separation we had broke along all the fault lines in our relationship. but, when i decided to have children, you know, as a young woman i never wanted to be a mother. i wouldn't say i don't want my children but i didn't want to be a mother because motherhood to me was this thing, this good mother thing that kind of comes at you like a freight train. i didn't want to give up every single bit of my time and identity. >> the point you make is you can be a good mother without being a present mother. my husband is the one who wanted kids. i didn't have to live with them to be a good mother. a lot of moms are going to say that can't be a mom. your responsibility is to be at home packing sandwich
on by the japan-america society of washington along pennsylvania avenue. there will be entrance gates set up. the goal is to help cover costs and reduce some of the massive crowds. children 12 and younger can still enter for free. >>> as the weather warms up, you can expect to see stink bugs make a big return. great! but the department of agriculture may have found the answer to fighting the pesky bugs. scientists say asian wasp that's hijack eggs for their own young have been found to destroy up to 80% of the stink bug population. the bugs are a big threat to crops in our area. and do the asian wasps sting us? >> because if not i'm bringing them in the house. all right. >> you wanted to say something. >> well i'm looking into this because it said making 75% less than their male counterparts. >> make 70 -- 75% of what they make. >> and correct it for you. >>> big business in the beauty industry. a new technique in taming frizzy hair but serious health concerns are being raised about the so-called brazilian blowout. details coming up. >>> and holly is finding her caffeine craving. she's learn
, are still free. it will cost you $5 to attend the street fair event put on by the japan-america society of washington. children 12 and younger can still enter for free. if you are hold older than 12, you have to cough up the $5 this year. >> washington in the spring. >> that is the place to be. >> herschel walker just arrived. >> i see. >> can't wait to hear from him this morning. stick around for that. we will be talking to steve in just a few minutes. >> we'll breeze our way through the weather and get to that. we'll have a fine day today. yesterday, we had a cool day as expected. take a look at yesterday's high temperatures only in the 40s. reagan national, 47 degrees. dulles international, 47. bwi marshall made it up to 49 degrees so we didn't quite get to the 50-degree mark that we thought we might make. . it is a cold start to the day. fred rucksburg is at 35 degrees. out to our west, winchester, 38 -- fredericksburg is at 35- degree. out to our west, winchester, 38. eastern u.s. is cloud-free. certainly precipitation-free. there is some lingering snow up in upstate new york. that
strengthening for. >> reporter: wiley has visited the aftermath of quakes in armenia and japan. >> you never know what you're going to see, so you have to have an open mind. >> reporter: he says each quake has its own story, its own tragedies, and its own lessons. and hope flay road map for safer construction that build on the unfortunate past. >> the wreckage still so stunning to see. now, the team was actually supposed to depart this week for new zealand, but because of the ongoing search and rescue operations there, the trip was forced back to next week. >>> a scene out of a hollywood movie, but this was real-life in fremont. police describe a sophisticated team of gunmen staging a high-tech robbery which left several employees frightened for their lives. police say 12 to 15 robbers cut through a fence at the unigen corporation on sunday morning, this was in fremont. they approached the loading dock and tied up several workers. the suspects dressed in dark clothing and ski masks then spent the next 30 minutes loading computermoving truck. the value of the stolen items is subscribed as sub
. and the views are still free. but this year it will cost you $5 to attend the street fair put on by the japan-america society. if you are 12 and younger, they still get in for free. >>> 7:21 on a wednesday morning. and a big step for the nationals next phenom. witness some history for bryce harper next. >>> and since the president has taken office there are some that refuse to believe he's born in the united states. now a former presidential hopeful is apologizing for wrongly stating where the president grew up. >>> and for a lot of us, the days can't start without a strong cup of coffee. coming up this hour, holly is taking us straight to the source. holly is coming up. it's 7:22 now. stay with us.  >>> there is a little bit of history nat's fans. in viera, florida, yesterday, phenom bryce harper recording his first hit as a member of the nationals during an appearance against the mets. nats went on to win the game 5- 3. 2-0 early start in the spring this year. >>> mike huckabee pointed out for getting his facts wrong. he twice said that president barack obama was raised in
. >> losers. without a doubt the west and i think the united states is right in the middle. the west and japan. what do they have in common? incredible debts. incredible obligations. very old populations. and they rested on their laurels for too long. jenna: a quick question as we're struggling with keeping the government up and funded. we're looking to for ways to cut the budget. several report from mark zandi of moody's and ben bernanke if we cut the way the republicans have suggested we'll lose hundreds of thousands of jobs and that will affect our economy. how do you make those choices as you're trying to win and get in the cycle? >> it is about retrenching. what do we see corporate america, what do the same people talk about politicians, corporate america. they're doing so well they should share the wealth. what did they do initially when the crisis came on? they cut people, cut bone, cut fat. i disagree in the sense we've got $2 trillion in corporate balance sheets. banks are sitting on record amounts of money. so are households. we don't need the government to be out there end ifing. we
with japan, when the war was over with -- our jobs and everything are either going to japan or china. what happened to the american workers? what happened in detroit? some of the car industries are starting to pick up again. my main thing is, i'm scared about my social security benefits. i've been retired for about one year. now they're talking about cutting social security benefits. i do not want to sound like a crybaby, but i'm scared to death. host: we are going to leave it there. the house is about to come in with its morning session. i want to talk about what happened in 1995 and 1996 with social security checks. guest: they are going to go out. nobody that is talking about reforming social security are talking about doing it to the folks that are already retired. social security benefits for people already in the system, there should be no change. if the government shuts down, you will still get your check. host: jonathan allen, thank you. the house is coming in for their money -- for their morning our speeches. the senate will vote this morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. check out
companies so easily in the u.s. or japan the same thing. they have smart guys working on interesting projects, but they just don't have the spark of going to start something because theirs tl's this stigma if you fail everyone is going to look down on you or the family won't welcome you back into the house. >> what happens if you fail here? >> you just pick yourself up and try again, you know? i feel like -- you know, in my career so far, i've been laid off and i went almost a year without working and worked on side projects. i went to grad school and then had another year i didn't do anything, then another project that failed. it took us six months to get financing with foursquare. people say, you've had all these successes so far. i'm, like, we haven't had it yet. we're still working toishds it. >> you can see more of fareed's special sunday night, "restoring the american dream getting back to number one," 8:00 p.m. eastern. >>> well, let aels talk about ubertennis star sarena williams. apparently been in the hospital. what medical problem sent her there? we have some details on th
. but when countries start to default, like ireland, like greece. like japan. and they will. they'll have sovereign defaults. money will rush back in this country. but then it will rush back out. none of the new spending was paid for by reducing. we just put another $1 trillion in stimulus in the economy. we don't need to put any more stimulus in the economy. we need a more efficient government. government doesn't produce anything. we need those dollars to go into productive capacity that will actually grow the economy and grow jobs. caller: good morning. cold up there? guest: yes. caller: the fact is we have a $14 trillion debt. but let me argue why i think that might be a good thing. let's imagine the united states with all the debt, let's say we have a surplus of money, but the thing with that is i feel the government isn't just going to sit on a pile of cash. if they have a surplus of money, they are just going to grow and take more of our civil liberties. so the fact that we're in debt, it's making government shrink. and i think that's a good thing. host: senator? guest: well, this i
that oil in the oil sands out to tankers that will take that oil to china and japan and places in asia. . mr. speaker, that's just the energy issue. and as this rolls forward, another summer we had the issue of health care. and as the effort came to pass obamacare here in the house of representatives, the american people began to realize what was happening to their liberty. and they filled up the town hall meetings. we had town hall meetings in iowa that got so big that they had to be moved outside because there wasn't room inside the biggest building, biggest rooms we could find for all people that came to, in a constitutional fashion, petition the government peacefully for a redress of grievances. and they came and they were well informed and some of them had read the whole bill. and with great passion and sometimes with little tact and sometimes with great deference they made the case to me over and over again, they didn't want obamacare. they still don't want obamacare. and when it was passed here in the house they rejected it. so i spent not quite a year of my life fighting the pa
in the far east are also showing concerns. overnight the japan nikkei lost 2.5%. analysts say the biggest worries the libyan conflict and concerns it will spread to other major oil producers. >>> checking in on our numbers this morning. looks like the futures are all down a little bit indicating a lower opening. not a huge drop. you can see yesterday by the close the dow down 16 # points. the nasdaq and s & p also slipping a little bit. >>> kate middleton will be a military bride when she marries prince william next month. >>> a warning is going out after a string of robberies in the east bay. but this suspect is not after cash. >>> good morning, westbound bay bridge traffic is okay. it is very windy on that span. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead. >>> good morning, our system is roaring through. there is some areas they are not getting any rain. other areas a half inch to an inch of rain. occasionally bursts of heavy rain. >>> prince william is expressing interest to serve on the front lines in afghanistan. the prince says he still has a real determination to serve but he may
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